Our work

We partner with organisations to build digital education capacity and implement digital solutions.

We work with human rights organisations, non-profits, NGOs, small-scale educational initiatives and other community-focused groups.

By listening, sharing our technical expertise and creating innovative solutions, we deliver tangible results that advance education and empower communities.


Strategic planning

We help create strategies that align with your goals and objectives, while ensuring you benefit from the most advanced, fit-for-purpose technology, including AI tools and workflows.

Project management

We adapt to meet your needs; managing projects from end-to-end, or providing support just where and when you need it. We can work within your systems or onboard you to ours.

Digital learning development

We offer services for Moodle learning management systems and content creation using Articulate 360, H5P or custom designed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We can also upskill your staff with training, coaching or mentoring.

Quality assurance

We specialise in accessible and inclusive learning design including WCAG compliance, mobile access and low-data or offline environments.

We can audit your digital learning against standards and benchmarks and help you remedy issues.

Address: Our Community House - 552 Victoria St, Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia